Report Trends in Brief (By Year, 2017–2003)


2017 Global Report Trends in Brief

  Manuals on Nonkilling, Nonviolence, & Civil Disobedience


2016 Global Report Trends in Brief


Planetary Energy-“Peace”                   Bibliography (2016.10–12); Greece — Home-state founding Planetary “Marathon” Olympic Game (2016.7–9).


Planetary Cyber Conflict                     Cyclical Data-driven Wheel of Life Nonviolence–Civil Disobedience Feedback Flow–Apps– Methods–Phases in a Chart and Three Enlarged or Expanded Tables (2016.1–6); Table 12: Combining Linear Evidence-driven Paradigm with Cyclical Data-driven Paradigm Apps–Phases–Methods for Nonviolence – Civil Disobedience (2016.1–6).


Planetary Apartheid War                    Table 10:  Apps–Phases–Methods for Cyclical Data-driven Wheel of Life Nonviolence Civil Disobedience Feedback, Phases 1-5 (2016.1–6); Table 11: Data-Driven Paradigm Apps–Methods–Phases Eclipsing “Gene Sharp” Re-patterned as to Evidence-Driven (Pre-Digital) “Nonviolence” (2016.1–6).


Planetary Disease-Pollution                 Flow Chart 5: Data-driven Wheel of Life Nonviolence–Civil Disobedience Feedback Phases (2016.1–6); Flow Chart 4: Data-Driven Wheel of Life (2016.1–6).

2015 Global Report Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-“Peace”            Paradigmatic Nonviolence, Anti-Dependency, & World Order Future Approaches, Nonviolence–Civil Disobedience Approaches in Iraq, (2015.10-12); Webchart 2: Nonviolent–Nonkilling Training Outcomes and Webchart 3: Nonviolent Training Outcome Chart Comparing Interpositioning Criteria (2015.7-9).


Planetary Cyber Conflict               NATOIsrael & Nonviolent Restorative Justice and NATO & Kaliningrad (2015.4-6). NATO-Israel Military Bases & Podemos (Spain) – Syriza (Greece) Demilitarization (2015.1-3).


Planetary Apartheid War              Globally-effective Civil Disobedience Actions, Ranked by Approximate Numbers Arrested (2015.10-12); University-influenced “Grass-roots” Nonviolence-Demilitarization Struggles (2015.1-3).


Planetary Disease-Pollution           Maturing World Population in International Conflict Resolution (2015.10-12); Linking Nonviolence, Aging, & Near-Death Experiencers–NDErs Outcomes (2015.1-3).

2014 Global Report Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-“Peace”            Nonviolence, Nonkilling, & Liberation, By Cultural Language Connotations Table (2014.7-9); Feminist Nonviolence Confrontation & Peace–Conflict Resolution Studies Trend Outcomes (2014.4-6); and Checklist Overviews for Nonviolent Training (2014.1-3).

Planetary Cyber Conflict               TeleDemocracy Internet Voting & Cyber Tools and Nonviolence group incomes (U.S. Tax Form 990) (2014.9-12).

Planetary Apartheid War               Boycott-Divestment–Green–Gender–Cultural Parity-Oriented Outcomes Chart (2014.7-9); & Unmask, Boycott, Divest, Disarm, Convert, Diversify, & Develop — Organizing Fair Planet-Sharing (2014.1-3).

Planetary Disease-Pollution           Nonviolence – Veterans against the War in Iraq & Afghanistan (2014.9-12); and Green Blockades & Projected Global Marine Climate Trend Outcomes (2014.4-6).

2013 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-“Peace”               Planet-wide Socio-Economic-oriented Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Campaign Training Examples Chart, By Date, Event-Trainers-Writers, & Outcome (2013.7–9); Occupy, Shanti Sena downloads (2013.4–6); Cultural & Environmental Nonviolence Training & Nation-State Repression (2013.1–3).

 Planetary Cyber Conflict                 Gaming, (2013.10–12);  Snowden; (2013.7–9); 1919 - 2004 Demilitarization Campaign in Puerto Rico, Nonviolent De-Militarization Training, Sanctions, & Occupation (Timeline — Tenth Vieques Anniversary); Demilitarization Training Timeline … Roosevelt Roads-Vieques (RR–V) (2013.4–6).

 Planetary Apartheid War                 Mandela & Machel, (2013.10–12); Needs–Rights and Dual Currencies in BRICs – U.S. wages, Swiss WIR, & British Columbia, Canada’s LETS,  (2013.7–9); Militarization of Surveillance (2013.4–6); 2003 SOAW Training Handbook, (Courtesy of Ed Kinane, 2002 download, 2013.1–3).

 Planetary Disease-Pollution             War “Dementia” (2013.10–12); Liberation as to (Housing, Health, Employment, Education) (2013.7–9); Environmental Effects of Police-Militarization-Surveillance (2013.4–6); Team-Oriented Nonviolence-Training and Torture-Training Compared; Greenpeace Nonviolence Training Manual (Courtesy of Larry ‘Butch’ Turk, 2003 download, 2013.1–3).

2013 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-“Peace”   Nonviolence Cost–Risk; Nonviolence Training “Schools” Online; 2012–2003 Report Trends in Brief (2012.10-12)  2012 Web Nonviolence Course & Training Options in Outline–Syllabi & Free Form Styles (2012.7–9)  Cultural milieu negotiations — Kwakiutl–Cordoban, Cree–Ojibwa; Cultural negotiations in world affairs (Syria) — Polylateral cultural diplomacy (as to direct, cultural, & structural violence–nonviolence); U.N. Blue Helmet arbitration & gender parity (2012.4–6)  Flower Power — Circling Pentagon–White House, Jerusalem, Kremlin, Greenham — 2012 – Kremlin-Moscow (35,000 in white); 2011 – Arab Jasmine-Lotus (millions in pink-white), U.S. White House DC (12,000 in orange); 2004 – Eastern Europe (millions in rose-orange-velvet); 1989 – Berlin (millions in white-yellow), Jerusalem (25,000 in black); 1986 – Philippines (millions in yellow); 1982-1983 – Greenham Commons (35,000 in turquoise, yellow, violet); 1970s – Portugal (100,000’s in pink-red); Parallel overthrow of U.S.-NATO-corporate-enforced Iran & Southern Africa apartheid regimes; 1967 – U.S. flower power (70,000 in Daisies, flower-stemming gun-barrels); 1940s – Dutch-Danish-Norwegians (millions in red-white-orange (2012.1–3).

Planetary Cyber Conflict      Nonviolent cultural cooperative negotiations, (Netizen vs bullying cultures) – 2012 UN “Year of the Co-op” outranks corporate workers globally (SambandMondragon); Overcoming bullying-PTSD violence in schools & health-hospital contexts; Data-driven decision-making & mutually-humanizing networks, (Hakkavelin, Chaos Computer Club, & GRL-BUILDS); Icelandic netizens’ digital neutrality (2012.7–9); “Dark” global 18 Jan 2012 cyber strike shifts U.S. Congress in hours (not yet, climate-enviro–killer banksters); Jasmine ‘Arab Spring’ Revolution – War resister views, aims, methods, advocacy – via Nabil — “No Compulsory Military Service” movement — لا للتجنيد الإجبارى (2012.1–3).

Planetary Apartheid War      Cultural Olympic trends as to housing, football–soccer, fielding women athletes, & highlighting nonviolence over war prowess (2012.7–9)  Cultural negotiations in anthropological context — Boas, Mead, Chomsky, Sapir, & Russell; Nonkilling Hawai’i peace studies — Mennonites (Hopi) & Quakers (Aymara & Shawnee) (2012.4–6)  Nonviolent cultural negotiations in restorative justice, truth & reconciliation commissions (TRCs); Lisan, Antodaya, & Nahe biti conflict resolution practice; International Criminal Court (ICC, 1998) (2012.4–6)  Basic income “No [debt] poverty” guarantee (Martin Luther King, Jr.), Wiki-infused kanak, hip-hop, or nueva cancion music & Wiki-like open source enterprise software, (Slashdot, ENSEMBL, Indymedia, GNU/Linux); Fry, More, Paine, Catchpool, Milners, Pickard, Russell, Vives, & MLK on basic–minimum income & bolsa familia (basic Brazilian family help) guarantees; Responsible corporate investment; SIPRI arms profit data; Dumas & Mehta on war economies, green boycotts, economic sanctions, & counter-productive “special forces” training (2012.1–3).

 Planetary Disease-Pollution Nonviolent cultural occupy negotiations (DebtStrike & Beautiful Trouble) – Debt-centered mass organizing (potlatch–jubilee cultural priorities) – “Ground-Zero”-New Society communities; Renegotiating medical insurance, college tuition, pay-day loan, housing–municipal foreclosure, and bank & consumer reporting agencies multiplying debt-on-debts; Seattle to Washington DC (2012.7–9)  Worker-owned businesses in Brazil & Argentina (2012.4–6)  Chesapeake, Great Lakes, & Israel–Palestine toxics, tar sand oil, & radionuclides–alpha-beta pollution downstream–downwind; Fracking-tar sand extraction and carbon dioxide build-up prompt global oxygen depletion-desertification (Cree–Mansfield & Greenham counter-views); Cancer-cluster awareness; Greenham & Occupy WallStreet (Bertell & Stewart) (2012.1–3).

2011 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-“Peace”               “Liberty (Tahrir-Liberation) Squares”; Tent Cities Occupying Israel-Palestine China (2011.7-9) Iraqi strikes and demonstrations (2011.7-9)  Occupy (Tahrir-Liberation) Tent Cities, U.S. and Israel (2011.7-9 & 2011.4-6) Nonviolent Activist Relief Fund plan, Nonviolence International (2011.7-9) Iberian (Spanish) Cordoban Spiritual Interplay — Morisco-led Renaissance (2011.7-9) Palestinian flash-mob’s walk into Israeli Golan Heights (2011.4-6) Nonviolence Liberation in Brazil (2011.1-3) Brazilian nonviolence from 1962 (Perús, Gandhian), 1990s (U.N. peacekeeping intervention in Central American wars); 2004 Hague critique of Israeli torture in Palestine; 2009 (UN General Assembly,  International Year of Reconciliation), 2010 (brokering peace with Iran); and 2011 (recognition of state of Palestine, via hydropower electricity self-determination represented in Dilma Rousseff presidency) Nonviolence Liberation in Egypt (2011.1-3)  Kefaya & Shayfeen nonviolence, Tunisia & Egypt (2011.1-3) Egyptian Liberation Revolution Coalition (National Association for Change) demand conditions (2011.1-3) Lebanese Cedar–R&R, Gucci–Gospel, Heavy Metal Islam Revolution  (2011.1-3) Gene Sharp &  Peter Ackerman nonviolence (2011.1-3)

Planetary Cyber Conflict                  Bertrand Russell Tribunal Foundation Report on Israeli-U.S. Apartheid in Palestine; Hsiang Princeton study linking world war since 1950 with global climate warming (2011.7-9)  Post-Fukushima federal harassment of nonviolent anti-war & nuclear divestment or radiation monitoring groups in Japan & Inner Mongolia; Syria, Greece, and the USA (2011.4-6)  Nuclear Power-Weapons after Fukushima Meltdowns, Spring 2011 Japan (2011.4-6) 

Planetary Apartheid War                  Military biofacts (2011.7-9)  Nonviolent environmental leadership and punitive prison terms (2011.7-9)  Gandhian economics (Kumarrappa) (2011.4-6)  Apartheid Divestment after Cairo Tahrir-Liberation, Spring 2011 Egypt (2011.4-6)  Human Needs–Rights & War Resistance in Youth-at-Risk (Urls); Global War Resistance or Conscientious Objection to Military Employment;  International Youth Needs–Rights; U.S. Youth Needs–Rights (2011.1-3) 

Planetary Disease-Pollution              Environmental Anti-Nuclear Protest Momentum in Europe, Japan, and China (2011.7-9)  Japan 1977 “bad birthday” and 2011 Fukushima events (2011.7-9 & 2011.4-6)  2011 Greenpeace France court victory over EDF, world’s largest nuclear utility, and Europe’s largest energy company (2011.7-9)  2011Berlin Germany anti-nuclear elections sweeps (2011.7-9)  2011 Dalian Xingang, Northeast China pollutive energy protests (2011.7-9)  Northern American Nature–Environmental Advocacy Writers (2011.7-9)  German Greens and Social Democrats elections sweep Baden-Württemberg, NW Europe geo-political center; Influence other Euro elections, led by German Greens (2011.4-6)  Eight U.S. cities register dangerous Fukushima-downwind–downstream  radiation levels (2011.4-6)  Planetary Environment as to War Trash & Health Indicators (2011.4-6)  Petro-dollar-biased dioxide indexes (2011.4-6)  Ecologically-conflicted borders, radiation burden, and water contamination downwind–downstream  levels; U.S. Pentagon first recognition of global climate warming (2011.4-6)  Spider Wort plant mutation indicates radiation burdens (2011.4-6)  Greenpeace–Nature Nonviolence Writings; Nonviolent Action dBase (Swarthmore) China; Greenpeace, 2011;; Civil Disobedience Methodology Research Bibliographies (2011);;  (2011.7-9)

 2010 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-“Peace”               Nonviolent eScience-Hermeneutics Approach; Nonviolent eScience Approach to Conflict Resolution; Tolstoy Memorial Centennial in Nobel Peace Prize Context (2010.10-12)  Seeing–grasping time as co-creative duration of consciousness; Timing spiritual personal energy fields within global consciousness; (2010.7-9) Symbolizing Palestinian nonviolence as to Berlin, Selma, Prague, or Leipzig events, 1989, and Selma Peace Pilgrims, 1980s (2010.4-6)  Energizing near-death experience insights, correlating near-death after-effect “glows” (2010.1–3) 

Planetary Cyber Conflict                  Comparing climate extremes as to greater urban Moscow & Washington DC both losing power-production and curbing food exports (2010.7-9)  Enviro–medical–cytogenetic patient power; N.I.H.–GTR–DNA karotyping kits for personalized decision-tree & data-sharing diagnosis–treatment transparency; DNA + Environment = You (2010.4-6)

Planetary Apartheid War                  Evaluating world housing and runaway, homeless, & stateless youth trends in “housing bubble” crash; By 2040, UN-Habitat estimates slum dwellers doubling; Decentralizing horizontalidad community campaigns from Cataluña & Argentina to Palestine (2010.7-9)  Consumers boycotting-contesting BP-Gulf Oil, and Latino–Arizona & Palestine-Israeli Apartheid Walls.  Charting nonviolence patterns against apartheid from Al-Azhar, Bethlehem, and Bir Zeit Universities; Referencing Israeli-U.S. apartheid wall and road systems in Palestine (2010.4-6)

Planetary Disease-Pollution              Connecting “Holy Land” nuke–toxic trash with homeless trends. Boycotting–divesting strategies ~ food co-ops to breaching Israeli-military Gaza blockade; Atomic Veterans (2010.7-9)  Simulating world climate–desertification scenario ~ By 2050 ACE, “wet-bulb” polarizing-temperature “tipping point;” By 2300 ACE, freezing-desertifying extremes (2010.4-6)  Chile, Cuba, & Haiti ~ Haiti’s Schweitzer, Caraïbéen Nonviolence, & Cuban medicine (ELM); Ten online Middle-East options (2010.1–3)

2009 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-”Peace”               Interpositioning PeaceMaker Conference, Melbourne; World Peace March for Bioregional Polar Parks, NZ to Asia-Africa-Europe thru Americas-Argentina (2009.9–12)  International Day of Peace without Borders (2009.7–9)  2009 International Year of Reconciliation; Nonviolence from Colombia, Iran, Palestine, Rotterdam; “Irangate” re Noviolencia & Bikhỏshoonat (2009.3–6)  Gaza Peace Truck Caravans cross NW Europe, Africa; Soetoro-Ng-Obama, U of HI, on university peace education (2009.1-3).

Planetary Cyber Conflict                  Gaza-Copenhagen Climate “Intel” Justice Conundrum (2009.9–12)  2009 International Year of Astronomy, (Celebrating 400 years of lenticular-sourced human astronomy); NASA–ESA RedShift software released into public domain inside USA from Germany-Netherlands (2009.3–6).

Planetary Apartheid War                  University Conferences and CodePink on transnational corporate apartheid U.S.-Israeli-War Consumer Divestment (2009.9–12)  Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunal; Belhar Confession (2009.3–6)  Global French Street Protest Theatre, across France, Tunisia, Guadeloupe, Madagascar, Martinique (2009.1-3).

Planetary Disease-Pollution              2009 Copenhagen Environmental Conference; Gaza Long Mile March (2009.9–12)  Climate Initiatives (2009.7–9)  Climate–Justice–Gaza demonstrations — Bern, Seoul, Algiers, Amman, Athens, Beirut, Berlin, Cairo, Delhi, London, Lyon, Marseilles, Nablus, Oslo, Paris, Rabat, Stockholm, Tokyo, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Jakarta, Karachi, Montreal, Ramallah, Barcelona, Sarajevo, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City (2009.1-3, on). 

2008 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-”Peace”              Celebrating Nonviolence ~ Miguel d’Escoto (U.N.) on Satyagraha from Gandhi to Gaza (2008.9-12)  Afganis, Iraqis, Israelis, and Ecuadorans on Nonviolence (2008.9-12)  Local-Global-Oriented Currencies Parallel National Monetary Systems (2008.9-12)  Mohandas Gandhi Recordings resurface on Truth manifest as Satyagraha — Nonviolent Love/Truth Force (2008.7-9) Day-shift Pacific Maritime Association and International Longshore & Warehouse Union Dock Workers shut-down internationally-significant sea-“war” ports along U.S. West Coast — May Day 2008, for about 10 hours (2008.3-4)  U.S. Militarily-rooted elite Radford & Virginia Tech Universities adopt Peace & Conflict Resolution Training Programs (2008.3-4)

Planetary CyberWar                          Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, NRA, and Pentagon prevent disability-oriented, DC-based, Veterans for Peace Chapter from walking in Washington DC National (Military “Honor” Dead) Memorial Day Parade (2008.5-6)  U.S. Farm Bureaus, Farm Workers, Texas Historical Commission, Texan-Mexican Border Networks & Coalitions, and Texas Southernmost University groups protest, boycott an Apartheid-(Berlin-Israeli-Style)-Wall — A Wall meant to partition USA from Mexico, via a bantustan-like Mexican-side “labor pool” pocket — Via transcorporate Haifa-based Elbit-Kollsman, Chicago-based Boeing, and space-based L-3/Raytheon–SkyWatch–E-Systems Border & Battlefield Management Systems, L-3/Raytheon’s Long Range Reconnaissance-Observation System (LORROS), and L-3/Raytheon’s Advanced Turnkey-Unmanned-Aerial Targetting Systems; All demonstrated during Lebanon, Palestine, and Gulf-Iraq bombing and satellite-fire-targetting systems along the Israeli Apartheid Wall; Elbit, founded by Uzia Galil, (via U.S. Elron & Control Data), being Israel’s largest (U.S.-sourced) private corporation, e.g., including:

o Structural ‘security’ for 400+ privatized U.S. prisons, Buckingham Palace, Chicago O’Hare and Boston “9-11” Airports;

o Triangulating espionage drones, planes, and satellites over the Koreas, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, & so forth; and

o NATO Battlefield Management Systems “Vision” — where U.N. specifies Elbit re e-tritium space-border technology. (2008.1–2)

Planetary Apartheid–“War”             Chicago Factory “Sit-Ins” and Mumbai “Human Chains” Overpower Apartheid Violence (2008.9-12) Nonviolent protest of U.S. “RNC–Eight” during Twin Cities–U.S. Republican Party Convention leads to felony arrest warrants under U.S.–Minnesota “Terrorism” Patriot Act (2008.7-9)  South African anti-apartheid veterans critique apartheid repression of Palestinians, in Israeli-occupied territories, as more violent to living beings than RSA’s black majority under South African apartheid white rule, as to Apartheid Israeli Wall and ID Passes (2008.7-9)  Consumer–Corporate “Rule-of-Law” Seattle Divest from [Mid-East] War and Occupation Group organizes city-wide “I-97” Ballot Initiative (2008.5-6)

Planetary Disease-Pollution            Greeks Inspire International Green Democracy Protests, Articulate Change (2008.9-12)  BirdLife World Conservation Conference on (Ruinous) Disappearing State of the World’s Birds, Argentina (2008.7-9)  BBC and the U.S National Geographic Society surveys on international war (on “terrorism”) as degrading climate trends & patterns (2008.5-6)  Gardens vs Epidemiology of Nuclear Fallout–Contamination, Overhead, Downwind, & Downstream; Urban Gardens in Cuba (under U.S. Blockade) may provide over 30% of Cuban energy needs, with over half Cuban vegetable production likely organic (2008.5-6)  Wind–Marine Energy as Liberation from Oil Energy Wars  (2008.3-4)

2007 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy-”Peace”                Arab–International Nonviolence Training (2007.11–12)  SE Asian–Burmese–Buddhist nonviolence; U.S. District of Columbia awards $1.6 million in damages to pro-sustainable-development, anti-war demonstrators; Palestinian Bil’in village overcomes land seizures in Israeli Supreme Court, after 2½ years of nonviolent action; South African “Truth in Translation” Drama; First International Celebration of World Global Day of Nonviolence (2007.8–10) Nonviolence dazes U.S. Capitol Hill and Pivotal Pacific Intel Base (Pine Gap) (2007. 6–7) Planetwide citizen demonstrations against militarization (2007.3)

Planetary CyberWar                          War Resisters 2008 Peace Calendar Middle-East Websites  (2007.11–12) Pacific coral reef die-offs digitally-linked to global warming (2007.8–10)  Desertification, dustbowl–blizzard (like Mars) digitally-predicted from planetary-warming-induced drought (atmospheric, hydrologic, geological), by 2080; declination latitudes, Beijing to Nairobi, average summers, 100–110º F (2007. 4–5)  USA, Israel, Taiwan, & South Korea (5% population, 80% cybercrime) stimulate record planet cybercrime growth rates (2007. 3)

Planetary Apartheid-”War”  AIDS Vaccine Claimed on Horizon (Cuba–South Africa) (2007.11–12) Prisons vs Restorative Justice — 10 million jailed long-term worldwide; China sponsors 2007 International Criminal Court (ICC) Symposium, vetoed by Russia, USA; Apartheid-Patterned Prison Walls ~ from China, Texas, California, Caribbean, and Israel-Palestine “walls” to militarized Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Georgia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Algeria, Australia, Afghanistan Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Romania, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Pakistan “bases” (2007. 4–5)  Genocidal Child Soldier, Disappearance, & Cluster Bomb Ban Treaty issues globally-marginalized, undercutting 1997 Cape Town Principles, vetoed by Sudan, USA (2007.2)  Another million-plus-potential “missing” as U.S.–Israeli war exiles, soldiers, deserters, and resisters; “Missing” like those opposing former U.S.–SE Asia wars, plus millions more “depleted” uranium trash casualties (2007.1)

Planetary Disease-Pollution               Conferences (U.N.–National) on Flood, Desertification Trends (2007.11–12)  Massive Anglo–U.S. Bio-Chem-Nuclear Weapons Dumping inventory made public, coastally, from Hudson River & Chesapeake Bay to Pacific Coast, and North–Baltic Seas.  Most lethal — U.S.–CA Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory/NRDL, Hunters Point; U.S.–WA Bangor Naval Base & Drydocks, Seattle-Puget Sound; U.S.–MD Fort Detrick–Edgewood-Aberdeen; and Britain/UK – Porton Downs.  U.S. Project BioShield (NBACC, 2008), to void U.N. 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention; Record Europe heat–drought—rainfall–floods oscillate with crop damage (2007. 6–7); Global environmental reports reveal world militaries produce 2/3ds of planet’s ozone-depleting CFC-113; U. S. Pentagon spending outpaces top five largest U.S. chemical corporations, by 5 times (2007.3) Disappearance of honey bees noted as threat to world food crop genome (2007. 2)  Europe and U.S. blizzards cripple major world heat–power–transport systems; U.S. “U-2”–“ER2” (projected from Pretoria Airport, Pietersburg, South Africa) monitor Antarctic ice melt (2007.1)

2006 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy–“Peace”               Beirut–Mexico City General Strikes vs Air–War Pollution (2006.12 & 8–7)  Great Lakes Coalition demilitarizes U.S. Coast Guard (2006.12–7)  Historical peace projected from world-class library in Cordoba, Spain, modeled after Beirut & Alexandria (2006.11)  Gallaudet (“Deaf”) University Celebrates Hunger Strike for Peace & Justice, massing solidarity across Europe and Americas (2006.10)  Memorial of century for conscience with nonviolence across planet comforts war survivors and honors fighters against war (2006.9 & 5)  Hungry millions march in planet’s most nuclearized nation-states, across 70 U.S. and 280 French urban areas. Latin Americans co-create concomitant campaign across Americas, highlighted in 1 May 2006 Boycott of Millions across USA, in No–School–Shop–Work “Day [as if] without Immigrants” (2006.3-4)  Moroccans counter U.S.–Mediterranean–Political–Prison–Torture “Dustbins” (2006.2)

Planetary CyberWar                        Psiphon & Torpark Sidestep Torture–Censorship Online (2006.11)  Satellite-Driven (…GIS/GPS) Rebuilding of Detroit vs Destabilizing Iraq–Lebanon–Palestine (2006.9) Wireless Access Initiatives across Americas (2006.2)  Planetary Coca-Cola Boycott from Bangalore, India (2006.1)

Planetary Apartheid–”War”             “911” Cough–Cancer–Autism Syndrome symbolized in Basra, Palestine, South Lebanon, New York City (2006)  U.S. hegemony prevents WHO, UNEP, and national & world health agencies from treating-analyzing cancer data (2006.9) Overcoming religious apartheid in weaponized-cancer in Pacific Port, Tacoma–Kitsap County WA (2006.6)  Ontario and British Columbia public employees unions boycott religious U.S.–Israeli apartheid–oil–wars. (2006.5)  Palestinians oppose death & torture squads (2006.2)   Divestment coalition momentum against Israeli–U.S. Apartheid (2006.2-1)

Planetary Disease–Pollution             UN caveats on global warming extend to broad economic catastrophe (2006.11)  Arctic storms grind–down mountainous Antarctic icebergs (2006.10) Hemispheric hyperthermia & hyperexia climate results embody Northern fossil-fuel greenhouse drawbacks, constrain cost-beneficial transportation, and escalate Southern oil-based aerosols that amplify drought–wind storm vortices (2006.7–8)  Citgo (Venezuela) leverages lower heating-air conditioning expenses for poor U.S. communities; Costs countered by congressional legislation to re–enforce “Universal Draft” Military Conscription Act (2006.5)  Iceland, planet’s oldest constitutional (as compared to republican) democracy, evicts U.S.–NATO, while world scientists look to Arctic & Antarctic for resolving global warming disasters (2006.3-4) 

2005 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy–“Peace”              World Conference on Nonviolence, Bethlehem, Palestine (2005.12)  Kerem Shalom-Salaam Anchors Seminal Gazan–Palestinian-Israeli-Egyptian Border Crossing (2005.8 Nonviolence Learned — Septima: Rosa … Quiet Strength (2005.10) Library Holdings–Hyperlinked / Keyword “Nonviolence” Table (2005.7)  Global Nonviolence Initiatives in Bethlehem, Palestine, and Putrajaya, Malaysia (2005.6Bolivian Alteño Gas & Oil Self-Determination Campaign over Oil War Transnational Corporations/TNCs; Detroit MI & Ramallah, Palestine, Nonviolence Conferences (2005.5)   Indonesians Incorporate Gandhian Protest at Planet’s Demographic Islamic Core (2005.4)  Eastern Mediterranean Eco-Demonstrations against War Resonate Worldwide (2005.3)  Martin Luther King, Jr., Essay Contest in Detroit–Dearborn MI — Arab Capitol of Americas (2005.1)

Planetary CyberWorld                       Public Domain Code-Scalable Computers (2005.12)  U.S. Debt under GWB Regime Exceeds all Presidential Debt Retroactively; U.S. M.I.T. Scientists hawk $100 Wind-Up One–Laptop–per–Child Project (2005.11)  Paper Much Harder than Steel (2005.10)  Wireless City and County Connect across USA despite TNCs (2005.7U.S. Genetic–Acoustic Street Control Weapons Initiatives (2005.5) Cytogenetic Chinese–U.S. National Geographic Planetary “One Family” Genome Atlas; Google LandSat — View–Zoom Overhead–Prospect (2005.4U.S. Military Draft & Pulsed Energy Weapon Initiatives (2005.3)  Remote, Wireless ThroughVision Terahertz–Planet-wide Data-mining–Communication Network Initiatives (2005.2)

Planetary Apartheid–”War”             Visionary Cuban–Venezuelan Medicine, Beyond Oil Profits (2005.12U.S. “Evolution” = More Debt, Violence; Less “Human” over against China (2005.11) Planetary Internet Governance Forum (Tunis) vs USA (2005.11)  U.S. Educational Apartheid Nationwide (2005.9UnLearning T-orture in Violence (2005.10U.N. Summit/60th Anniversary w Index, Reports on Violence of Poverty; Palestinian Rejoinder (2005.9“ID” of U.S. TNC Divestment Targets Enabling Israeli Apartheid (2005.8Divestment undercuts, undermines torture for oil hegemony (2005.6Universities in Michigan & Wisconsin Lead in U.S.–Israeli Transcorporate Divestiture Campaign; WCC Advises 500 Million Christians to Divest from Israeli Apartheid, following OPEC priorities (2005.2)  Israelis issue Palestinian (Bantustani-like) ID Pass; Iraqi women social status regresses toward that of Afghan or Saudi women, toward cave or tent housing epoch levels (2005.1) 

Planetary Disease–Pollution            Global Cancer Genome Atlas Coordination Project (2005.12Planetary Climate Summit (Montreal) minus USA (2005.11Bicycle over Car in Cuba & the U.S. (2005.10Israeli TNC Monopoly Guards U.S.–Euro Nuclear–Weapon Plants (2005.8“Global Warming” Costs, Pandemics, Dead Zones, and Hurricane Intensification (2005.8Radioactive GeoPolitics of Depopulation in Palestine & Iraq–USA (2005.8–7High School Student Solar Car Race — Texas to California (2005.7Nonviolence Blockades against Nuke $s & Uranium Processing (2005.6)  Israelis dump toxic, radioactive trash over Apartheid Wall (2005.5Euro-Fusion Reactor Projected for Pollution-Free Energy (2005.3)  Michigan sets a trend in U.S. state-level attempts to transcend oil for transport energy (2005.2) 

2004 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy–“Peace”               Wangari Maathai (Kenya) earns 2004 environmentally-sustainable Nobel Peace Prize; OPEC Boycott counters half-century of U.S. Dollar Supremacy (2004.12)  Europa Commences — 450 Million People in 25 States Resolve “Cold War” (2004.05)  Greenpeace Overcomes U.S. Bush Regime in Miami Court (2004.5-6) “Trust Women” Demonstration for women’s rights and against U.S.-Iraq-Palestinian Wars (2004.4) Anti-War Tax Movement momentum in USA & Israel (2004.2) International Monetary Fund Report warns that U.S. Budget Deficit$ bleed Planet (2004.1)  U.S. Institute of Medicine Calls for Common Medical Insurance to safeguard U.S. economy (2004.1)

Planetary CyberWorld                       GooglePrint to publish academic etexts online, first from U of Michigan (2004.12)  California Institute for Regenerative (Cytogenetic) Medicine/CIRM (2004.11)  State police smash Ahimsa (Nonviolence Activist) IndyMedia Worldwide Web (2004.10)  Cyber Scientists break 100-petabit meter/second speed barrier (2004.10)  Geologists forecast “Big Rollover” — Plunging terrestrial oil supply by 2012 (2004.4)

Planetary Apartheid–”War”             U.S. & Israel plan Haifa–Iraq oil pipeline — 42” diameter, Pre-1948 — 8” (2004.11)  Iraqi population study underscores 1 to 2 million war dead equivalent in U.S. population (2004.10)  Hague International Court of Justice Judgment — against Israeli’s Apartheid Wall, a demagogic hate symbol visible Off-World (“from ‘Space’”) like China’s Great Wall — and for U.N.-Palestine-&-Israel Blue-Helmeted Peacekeeping Force Actions; World and U.S National Council of Churches move against (Christian) Zionist Apartheid Wall (2004.7-8)  Apartheid characterized worldwide in — Largest military tank war, first nuclear-intensity non-nuclear war, & first “Depleted Uranium” (du) war (1973) on planet;

— in Demographic war against transcultural metropolis of Ramallah–Jerusalem–Bethlehem.

Planetary Disease–Pollution             Tsunami-Quake devastates Indian Ocean Coasts, as primal flood stage of 21st Century Global Warming Crisis (2004.12)  Last U.S. World Trade Center/WTC Class Action Health Damage Lawsuit redu” filed 10 Sept. 2004 by 800+ people (2004.10)  SwissRe Insurance predicts that geo-climatic catastrophes — from Global Warming to SnowCanes & Tsunami-Quake — will cost more than a WTC Attack each year, plus “interest”  (2004.3)  90% Iraqis need safe water, + 80%, employment; U.S. Govt (2003) $6 Billion Deficit, from 2001 $127 Bil U.S. Budget Surplus (2004.1) 

2003 Global Trends in Brief

Planetary Energy–“Peace”               eEngine In-Wheel: Truck, Forklift, & City Bus; Mars

Orbited on Winter Solstice (2003.12) South African Jews draw “Bethlehem” and “Sharpeville” parallels (2003-2002.12)  British Columbia first in Northern Americas to respect “Doctors” of Chinese Medicine (2003.6)   Iceland pioneers hydrogen-fuel stations for cars–trucks–buses (2003.4)  Planet’s 600+ largest cities protest U.S. Iraq War (2003.2)  Pulse–fusion plasma–electric power (2003.4)  Euro-Nuclear reactor power plants to phase-out (2003.1)

Planetary CyberWorld                      Bronfman Inc oligarchic control of terrestrial mass media world (2003.11)  Geneva/CERN future-shifts WorldWideWeb (2003.7)  U.S.–Israeli DNA–Enzyme Computer to outclass Digital Computer (2003.2)  Tablet-PCs interface ideographic-alphabet cultures (2003.1)  One-Minute Hack–Attack Cripples Banks (2003.1)  

Planetary Apartheid–”War”             Mandela & Mbeki assert that USA threatens world peace through Iraq & Palestine wars (2003.7)  Iraqi Women loose civil-human rights; South Africa bids farewell to Walter Sisulu, ‘Quiet Giant’ of anti-apartheid racialized struggle (2003.5)  Southern African–Apartheid political-prisoner records made public (2003.1)

Planetary Disease–Pollution            GW Bush & Ashcroft fail to kill Greenpeace-style activism; “Mad Cow” Brain Disease by Blood Transfusion (2003.12)  Preliminary hurricane strikes Washington, DC — shuts down U.S. Govt (2003.10) North-Baltic Sea ecosystem falters under Global Warming Impact (2003.10)  U.S. sets world’s highest jail & prison rate trends (2003.8)  Military pollution most dangerous to Earth (2003.9)