Library Holdings–Hyperlinked / Keyword “Nonviolence" in 2000 ACE

(Planetwide) Starting from over 1,000 libraries in Washington, D.C. (e.g.,Washington DC Libraries; e.g., http://ww;; & 

Libraries Listed by (Keyword) Holdings ~ OCLC–World Cat All Languages = About 3,600 [World Titles]

Libraries                  Holdings of Titles on “Nonviolence”

University of Bradford (Graduate Peace Studies, Quakers, England) 1,500
TriPod ~ Haverford, Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr (some duplicates) 1,200
Washington DC University Libraries (Aladdin, 1000 + duplicates) 760
U.S. Library of Congress (Dissertations; Other than English language) 750
Gandhigram Rural University (Dindigul, Madurai, India ― Asian Languages) 750
Harvard University (some duplicates) 740
University of Michigan (+ University Microfilms Int'l Dissertations, Theses) 720
Columbia University 620
Nonviolence International and Holy Land Trust (Aceh, Iraq, Myanmar, Palestine ...) 500
Conrad Grebel University College Library (Core Peace Studies Program / Canada) 480
New York City Public Library / CATNYP (Other than English languages) 470
University of Toronto, Robarts Libary (Cuba–Caribbean documents) 470
University of Wisconsin, Madison (Co-operatives, Civil Rights) 440
International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam NLs, Euro-Languages/Archives) 410
Goshen College/Harold & Wilma Good Library   410
Washington, Bethesda, Adelphi & Langley Hill (Quaker Meetings ~ about 100 titles ea) 400
London, Euston Rd and Woodbrooke (Selly Oak) (Quakers, England) 400
Gandhi Memorial Center, MD–DC Border (Art, Books, Journals, Music) 380
University of California at Los Angeles (Asia & Mexican–American Issues) 370
Stanford University Libraries/Hoover Institution on War (Conservative Sources) 370
Marquette University Libraries/Raynor Libraries (Catholic Workers) 330
University of Minnesota, MNCat (Social Services) 330
University of California at Berkeley (U.S.–S-E Asia War) 311
Washington Peace Center (Large Marches, Demonstration-Oriented) 300
Embassy of India in D.C (Gandhian and Nonaligned docs) 300
Manchester College/Funderburg Library (First U.S. Peace Studies Program, 1940s) 280
University of Texas at Austin (Mexican and Latin American documents) 280
Greenpeace USA and GP International, NLs (Books & Videos) 280
University of Maryland McKeldin Library (Conflict Resolution, Government Repository) 230
Bethel College Library/Mennonite Library & Archives (Newton KS) 220
University of Colorado at Boulder/Archives Department (Space Conflict Resolution) 220
Howard Divinity (Special Collection) & Moorland-Spingarn Collection 220
Eastern Mennonite University Library   220
Philadelphia Yrly Mtg of RSF (Cadbury Library) 200
Mount Saint Vincent University Library 190
McMaster University Library (Bertrand Russell Collection) 190
Tulane University, New Orleans LA (Central–Isthmian America docs) 160
Columbia Union College (7th Day Adventist, Takoma Pk MD) 150
George Fox University/Murdock Learning Resource Ctr   150
Washington, DC, Public Libraries (D.C. Core ~ Martin Luther King Library) 90
Toronto Public Library (Ameri-Indian documents) 90
U.S. Pentagon Library–U.S. National Defense University (U. S. War College) 80

Libraries per se Keyword-Searchable via, e.g.,;; #other and; Hence to “nonviolence” / library ….